Cottage Package

The Basic Cottage Package typically includes:

  • One visit as required as per client interests, keeping you in compliance with your current Insurance plan and giving you peace of mind.

  • Four photographs which can be accessed through a google drive account, or sent directly to you via text or email.

  • Gathering and securing newspapers and flyers as overflowing mailboxes can be indicators of absence and can increase the risk of a break in.

  • Also included is a realtor’s key lock box, so your key never leaves your property and can be accessed at any time while you’re away by a person of your choosing for the duration of Safe and Sound agreement.


Additional Specialized Services (Not included In Price - Call For A Quote!):

  • Additional services can also be customized to serve any special interest on behalf of the client. Simply tell us what you require and we’ll find a reputable resource to meet your requirements.

  •  We can also provide a fully-licensed home inspector with 20+ years experience in renovations.

(The problem with many home inspectors presently is that they have little-to-no prior experience with home renovations. The inspectors that we provide have extensive experience in renovations.)

All staff at Safe and Sound Home Services are Background checked and Bonded!

Starting at $79.99 Per Inspection

(Group rates as low as $39.99 available within a 3 km radius)


Presently serving London, Port Stanley, Lambton Shores through to the Bayfield area.

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